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Kobe Funtime Staff app.

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Staff Application Template

IG Name : Kobe Funtime

Steam Name : Kobe Funtime

SteamID ((https://steamid.io/) :STEAM_0:0:155844099

Country & Time Zone :United States, EST

Age  :15


Any previous penalty's on record? :no

How Long roughly have you been apart of JPS for? : Since the very beginning 

Where do you want to see your self-heading in JPS in the future? : Server Manager or higher 

How many hours can you be online every day? : around 5-6

Why would you like to become a Moderator On JustPlayServers? ( 200+ Words, No less ) : The main reason i would like to become a moderator on JPS is because i have missed this server a ton and i feel like i have the ability to take sits and help other just as much as anyone else who applies for staff does. I honestly would just like to make the server run smooth and release some pressure from my other staff members by handling sits on a day-day basis while others have a blast in RP. I've been here at JPS since the start and have been the owner,manager,co-owner, and mod on many different servers so i feel i have the ability to come on to JPS and help everyone out by being that one mod you can always count on for anything and the late nights when someone isn't on to take sits of kids abusing the server ill be the one mod constantly on and watching over the server. 

Overall, i just want to help JPS staff and players as much as possible and when the server is low i wanna be the one still willing to help everyone.

What do you think you would be able to help us with on the JPS staff team? (150+ Words, No less) :I think that i could help with many things on JPS such as discord management, which would be me watching over the discord or putting certain features in the discord/telling someone about these features. i also feel that i could help players with out of game/RP tasks such as help loading into the server or help manages there computer so that games can run better, although gmod is optimized like garbage. i also can help with things like police force documents, DOJ documents. and overall anything under the sun that i know how to do and or somewhat understand i will try to help, and if i dont understand it then ill find a way to help you with it.

Futhermore, i want to get the server at its highest point while still helping everyone as much as i can.

Any additional information/comments :N/A



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