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Logan De'Santos

Logan De'Santos Staff Application

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Staff Application Template

IG Name : Logan De'Santos

Steam Name : TBNFilms - Logan

SteamID ((https://steamid.io/) STEAM_0:1:68830452

Country & Time Zone : GMT

Age  : 18


Any previous penalty's on record? : No

How Long roughly have you been apart of JPS for? : 4 + Years

Where do you want to see your self-heading in JPS in the future? : I want to help out the community as much as i can as i already do now, i believe that with time and effort i can progress and help the further growth of the community.

How many hours can you be online every day? : I work from home so normally 5+ hours Per day min.

Why would you like to become a Moderator On JustPlayServers? ( 200+ Words, No less ) : I have been been very active on this server and the community for quite a while up to when it shut and now it is open, i now feel that its time that i give back to the server. My knowledge of the server, the changes that have happened, the players themselves and the rules i think i'd be a great addition to the already amazing JPS staff team. This server always has new players coming in daily and i think that its important to have someone there showing them the basics and little tips that they can use on the server and i think that i can be that person to make JPS a even more enjoyable and easier space for new players as i have been within the community for some time, i think my knowledge of the server, rules and how the community operates can make me a valuable staff member. I want help to moderate the server and help everyone on the server so they enjoy playing it. I like to help other people with their in game issues or answering any questions they may have so they can have the best experience on the server as they can.

What do you think you would be able to help us with on the JPS staff team? (150+ Words, No less) : I believe that i will be able to make fast, important and decisive decisions that count towards making this server a more better, friendly place to be. I am always playing when i can so will always be there when players are in need of a helping hand, i have great knowledge of the server and am a known within the community so people won't be hesitant to come to me for help. I am a very easy person to talk to so i believe that players will have no problem explaining whats going on and why they are in need of assistance. i am very good at deciphering situations and determining the right punishment if any is even needed. I will be a fair and unbiased staff member and i don't hold grudges. I believe that i can add to the already amazing staff team that JPS has on the server and feel like i can give more to the community.

Any additional information/comments : Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this and consider me for staff I hope you have a Great day <3

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