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  1. Settings Menu

    You can open the Q menu to access your inventory and the settings menu for example. In the settings menu you can toggle an FPS boost if you are experiencing bad frames.
  2. Johnno Peep

    timezone is a steamid??
  3. Santos RP Rules

    ⚡ We use advanced cheat detection, JustSecure Anti-Cheat. You will be banned from the server immediately when you join. We do not remove these bans, please ensure you aren't using any cheats before joining! General Rules 1G - RDM (Random Deathmatch) - You cannot randomly kill anyone without a valid reason. 2G - CDM (Car Deathmath) - You cannot use your vehicle to kill someone/crowds of people unless you have a valid roleplay reason to. 3G - NLR (New Life Rule) - Once you have passed away (re-spawned) you cannot remember anything leading up to your death. You can remember family members and friends but not the killer or the 'gang' for example. 4G - Do not propkill or abuse probs in any way, although this isn't possible. It's still a rule. 5G - Do not mic spam/spam chat. 6G - Do not hack/cheat, it's only fair as everyone else plays legit, so should you. 7G - LTAP (Leave To Avoid Punishment) - Do not leave the server while in an administrator sit/a roleplay situation (for example, getting arrested). 8G - AFK (Away from Keyboard) - Players may go AFK for any times less than 15 minutes, but cannot go AFK while in a job or a roleplay situation. 9G - Do not exploit loopholes in rules, some rules may not be listed so use common sense. Realistic Roleplay Rules 1R - You cannot force a player to withdraw items from an ATM or an NPC. 2R - In relation to 1G, you cannot store items in a NPC or money in an ATM while in a gun fight/evading police as this is not realistic. NPC's would not serve you in this situation and putting money in an ATM puts your life at risk. 3R - FearRP (Fear Roleplay) - You must value your life, if someone has a gun/weapon towards you, you must comply. Running away under gunpoint shows that you do not value your life. You cannot pull another weapon out while someone has a weapon towards you. 4R - You must have a realistic role-play name, celebrities or stupid names are not allowed, for example 'Harry Plopper'. 5R - You cannot steal government vehicles, this is not allowed. 6R - You cannot tie users randomly to steal their items. (unless role-played as a robbery), see 7R. 7R - You can only rob/mug someone twice in an hour and you can only mug for a maximum of $10,000 per person. 8R - Do not metagame, this is using OOC information and bringing it IC. For example, talking on discord/teamspeak so no one else can hear you. 9R - Realistic Actions - Be realistic, you shouldn't do anything that puts you in danger/what you wouldn't do in real life. For example, shooting someones house to piss them off. See 3R. 10R - You cannot rob a government member, police, ems, etc. You may hold them hostage. 11R - You cannot use government equipment. 12R - You cannot declare war on the government (you may riot). Genocides are not allowed. 13R - You cannot disconnect while dead/to save items. 14R - You must roleplay pain, for example if you are shot in the leg you shouldn't run/act as if you haven't been shot. 15R - 'Keep alive', you must try and stay alive at all times. 16R - NPC's must be treated as real players/people and crime should be considered around NPC's. 17R - You cannot bring disrupt a roleplay situation with OOC information/requests. For example, you are roleplaying an arrest and you cannot shout 'OOC Admin to me please rda' on your mic/chat. 18R - A player cannot be detained for longer than 20 minutes without progression. For example if you have been zip tied and left in a room for longer than 20 minutes you may call an admin, else if there is progression in the roleplay situation you cannot call an admin. 19R - If you are gagged/zip tied you must roleplay this. For example, if you are gagged you cannot shout clearly. 20R - Government members cannot go corrupt. 21R - Related to 13R, you cannot disconnect to save items or avoid punishment. For example, going to jail. Basing/Rading Rules 1B - You cannot build a crouch base, players should be able to enter a base without crouching/going under properly. 2B - Items must be structured realistically. Meaning items must properly be supported and cannot be floating. For example, fences must be propped up by concrete if angled. 3B - You cannot build a base that traps players. For example a maze with a dead end and you having the ability to shoot them from the top of the maze. 4B - You must own the property before building on it. 5B - You must not propblock entrances unless there is two valid entrances. 1RA - You can only raid bases three times in an hour. It doesn't matter if it was a successful or unsuccessful raid, the moment you pick/initiate the raid it counts. ⚠️ Important Notice ⚠️ We're all human, we all make mistakes. Sometimes you’re judgement or a member of staff's judgement may be incorrect, but if a member of staff is abusing his or her powers deliberately please do not report this to any other member of staff, PM me on the forum personally with evidence. At JustPlay, we really strive to make your roleplay experience different, hence why we have these rules. If everyone sticks to them, its fair.
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